Culture de la Vanille de Tahiti à Tahaa - îles sous le vent - Polynésie française

Vanilla, The Essence of Taha’a

Taha'a has become the undisputed center of Tahitian vanilla culture. Dive into the perfumed milieu of this rare and sought after spice. Taha'a's lagoon's profound blue and turquoise hues alongside the flamboyant green volcanic peaks evoke the Polynes...
Pandanus basket

Rimatara’s Golden Threads

A small tree with long leaves, the pandanus rules on the island of Rimatara. The Ancients’ material of choice for weaving, it is processed on the island for export, but also and always skilfully intertwined by expert craft women.6:30 AM. The large ci...
Motu Pae’o - Rangiroa Lagoon - © P. Bacchet

Lagoons, a world apart

The French Polynesia is home to one of the largest collections of coral lagoons in the world. Uniting the land with the ocean with supernatural shapes and color...