Bob Sinclar in Tahiti : « Every moment was unforgettable »

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The DJ Bob Sinclar performed in Papeete in front of a captivated audience of 3,000. This was a premiere and successful event that our airline was happy to support. The international star of dance music more than fell under the charms of our islands where he stayed for a vacation. Here is an interview.

Under which circumstances were you asked to perform in Tahiti?

Bob Sinclar: It was thanks to Florian and his Synergence agency that I was able to come here. My friend Joachin Garraud, DJ and David Guetta’s producer, had come a few months earlier to perform in Papeete with the same organization. He drove me crazy telling me about his experiences. As an artist, it is very important to team up with good partners in order to guarantee the success of an event.

Why did you accept knowing even though we are located so far away from Europe?

I love to explore new places and share my music throughout the world. There isn’t anywhere too far away these days. Traveling is easy and much more accessible. I have been wanting to come here for several years. I had to also coordinate the right time with the right sponsor in order to guarantee a great show. Even after I heard great things from my DJ friends who came to Tahiti, I still wondered if people would like my music. There is always an eager audience on islands. Huge events are rare so an artist must not ever ever miss such an opportunity.

What did Tahiti evoke for you before coming here?

In my head, Tahiti has always been paradise on earth—the ultimate destination for the voyage of a lifetime as told through stories, songs, photos and films with Brando, Brel, Lelouch and many others.

Did your discovery of our islands meet your expectations?

This went beyond anything I could have hoped for because the love I received is indescribable with words. I have played in a lot of places throughout my career, but I have never felt so much joy. From the airport to my last minute on the island, everything was a string of intense moments.

What struck you the most?

The simplicity and energy of the Tahitian people. Happiness was on the agenda—from curried mahi mahi at Coco Beach of Moorea to visiting the three waterfalls with the sublime Océane Duchemin, from swimming in the Bassin de la Reine to staying on the island of Tetiaroa, from eating sushi at the Vahinerii Tea House up until the craziness of the magical evening when I played my music. Every single moment was unforgettable.

Do you have any thoughts about our landscapes and environment?

The landscapes are idyllic. This is paradise, however there is a particular energy of completeness and well-being that is emitted from the island. I became captivated by the mana. I understand now why so many artists stayed and never returned home. You can sense a quality of life.

Which peak moments do you remember most from your stay?

How can I pick one when every minute was filled with joy! A sunset over Tetiaroa. My song “Love Generation” sung by 3,000 people. Locking eyes with a golden-skinned vahine. The perfume of a Tiare Tahiti flower in my hair. The giggles over a soufflé with Florian and Narii. A handshake from the mayor thanking me for being there. This is so much love for just one man and so many other moments… 

Did your contact with the public go well?

Necklaces of flowers and a powerful Hakka when I arrived and necklaces of tears and shells for my departure! Every restaurant until the end of my performance and every minute was a magical experience

Are you satisfied with the concert you presented and was the public receptive to your music?

When I play in a new location, I always put a lot of pressure on myself. I don’t ever forget that I am just a DJ and not a singer or part of a band. I only have a musical journey to offer but I want it to go as smoothly as possible. I want for that moment to be a communion and exchange of unique energy and each piece of music is programmed in this way. Open air events are challenging because I have to have the wow factor and captivate the energy without releasing the pressure. There are not just clubbers or fans of my music on the dance floor, but also people just out to have a good time. It is important to not let anyone down. On that particular night, there was a magnificent feeling of love.

Did you expect such enthusiasm? 3,000 people attended the show, which is quite a significant number considering the population of our islands.

I did not expect such a response. We had a limited capacity for 3,000 people, yet we could have sold 4,000 tickets. It is unbelievable. Thanks to Synergence, the Office of Tourism, the kindness of Michel Buillard and the mayor of Papeete and his entire entourage, we were able to create a fantastic event. I can’t wait to come back !

Are you surprised that your music is so popular here while in Tahiti we have musical history and traditions that are very different from Europe?

Music is love and all the feelings of life. It unites people throughout the entire world. I was not surprised because music from the islands is often based on percussions and traditional songs. My music has always been fused. I constantly seek to blend rhythms from Africa, the Caribbean and Jamaica as well as African-American beats that are often based on drums and Gospel music.

Speaking of traditional Polynesian music, did you have the chance to experience it a little?

When I arrived here, I was welcomed with ma’öhi songs, the pig dance and the bird dance. About fifty warriors sang one after another in perfect chorus. It was a tribal chant that will be perfect on one of my productions.

Are you satisfied with your voyage with Air Tahiti Nui?

Everything was perfect. I had the chance to travel in Business Class with all the advantages that go with it, including comfort and the kind welcome of the crew.

Would you like to come back?

I am coming back as soon as possible. It is a question of survival ! There is no doubt I will spend a year here as a tourist or as an artist, with all my heart. UA HERE VAU IA OUTOU TAHITI !

Interview compiled by Ludovic Lardière

Bob Sinclar in Tahiti : « Every moment was unforgettable »
Bob Sinclar in Tahiti : « Every moment was unforgettable »
The DJ Bob Sinclar performed in Papeete in front of a captivated audience of 3,000.
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