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Manahau Group dance show to the Heiva i Tahiti at Toa'ta - © Gregory Boissy

Step By Step To The Heiva

During the Heiva I Tahiti great festivities, the singing and dancing contests are the greatest annual rendezvous of Ori Tahiti, Tahitian dancing. Presenting a s...
Pandanus basket

Rimatara’s Golden Threads

A small tree with long leaves, the pandanus rules on the island of Rimatara. The Ancients’ material of choice for weaving, it is processed on the island for exp...
Ori Tahiti - Tahitian dance ©Gregory Boissy

Another face of ‘Ori Tahiti

The Hura Tapairu ‘Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) competition is held at the beginning of December every year; the performances are marked by freedom and creativity...