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Coral reefs encircling Polynesia’s lagoons - © Antoine

Blooming Coral

Despite global warming, coral reefs encircling Polynesia’s lagoons are showing great tenacity. Diving in the lagoons of these remote islands will give you an op...
On April 23, 2010, Tahitian surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer surfed a wave over 20 feet high - © Maiko Mou -

Teahupo’o, a legendary wave and surfed by legends

A surfer makes his take off before heading in the direction of Teahupoo’s beautiful mountain peaks. Laird Hamilton in action! This living legend pushed his limits in Teahupoo in 2000 when he surfed a wave that before his time was considered un-surfa...
Ua Huka Marquesan sculpture - Polynesian Crafts

Sculpture as a Living Art at Ua Huka

The island of Ua Huka, in the Marquesas Archipelago, is renowned for its woodcarvings. This traditional art form is continually reinvented and reborn on the island through the hands of master craftmen. One Master Craftsman Per FamilyTo learn more, o...
Pandanus basket

Rimatara’s Golden Threads

A small tree with long leaves, the pandanus rules on the island of Rimatara. The Ancients’ material of choice for weaving, it is processed on the island for exp...
Motu Pae’o - Rangiroa Lagoon - © P. Bacchet

Lagoons, a world apart

The French Polynesia is home to one of the largest collections of coral lagoons in the world. Uniting the land with the ocean with supernatural shapes and color...
Ori Tahiti - Tahitian dance ©Gregory Boissy

Another face of ‘Ori Tahiti

The Hura Tapairu ‘Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) competition is held at the beginning of December every year; the performances are marked by freedom and creativity. Read on to find out more. Before filing on stage, about twenty dancers group togeth...