Pearls And Mother-Of-Pearl, Queens Of Tahiti

Necklace in mother-of-pearl and crystal, mother-of-pearl necklace worn as a crown - Rereata Bijoux ©Tevei RenvoyéChoker necklace in mother-of-pearl - Jewels Hiro OuWen ©Tevei RenvoyéCoral Reef necklace - Jewels Mana Pearl ©Tevei RenvoyéTahitian Pearls mounted with 18-carat white gold and diamonds. Pearl earrings in white gold with diamonds - Jewels Tahia Pearls ©Tevei RenvoyéTahitian pearl necklace and sleeve on laced silk. Sirène Massai Collection - Jewels Robert Wan ©Tevei RenvoyéV-necklace with Tahitian pearls, earrings in pearls and feathers, ring set in 18-carat yellow gold with Tahitian pearls, ring with a pearl cluster in 18-carat yellow gold - Jewels Tevei Perle ©Tevei RenvoyéNecklace and earring, 18-carat gold. Tourmaline and Tahitian pearls - Jewels Frédéric Missir ©Tevei RenvoyéNine strands of Tahitian pearls - Jewels Vaimiti Perles ©Tevei RenvoyéNecklace of 18-carat white and yellow gold, diamonds, and Tahitian Pearls. Bracelet is 20 pearls mounted in silver, ear studs are Tahitian Pearls mounted on 18-carat yellow gold - Jewels Tahiti Pearl Market ©Tevei Renvoyé

Pearls And Mother-Of-Pearl, 
Queens Of Tahiti




Model : Ashley Morgan

Pictures : Tevei Renvoyé

Realisation : Tevei Renvoye & Meryl Rouger

Make Up : Meryl Rouger

Coiffure : Perle Renvoyé




Perles et nacres, les reines de Tahiti
Fashion session, Ashley Morgan, Pearls And Mother-Of-Pearl, Queens Of Tahiti by Tevei Renvoyé
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