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French Polynesia

Moena Maiotui of Tahiti Ora ©G. Boissy

Heiva i Tahiti

Heiva I Tahiti Every year in July in Papeete The Heiva I Tahiti, French Polynesia's largest cultural event is filled with singing and dancing contests, tr...
Motu Pae’o - Rangiroa Lagoon - © P. Bacchet

Lagoons, a world apart

The French Polynesia is home to one of the largest collections of coral lagoons in the world. Uniting the land with the ocean with supernatural shapes and color...
Fenua Aihere close to Teahupo’o village. ©Benthouard

Tahiti island

Discovery Tahiti island   In the heart of the society islands, Tahiti is the biggest and most populated of French Polynesia’s 118 islands and has ov...