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Runway on the motu mute. Originally, the US Military built it during the World War II © P.Bacchet

Operation Bobcat !

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Americans went to war in the Pacific and looked for a military support base. Bora Bora was selected in January, 1942. Si...
Lagoon view of the Maupiti island in the Society Archipelago. ©P. Bacchet


Comprised of the Windward and Leeward Islands, the Society Islands are a major Polynesian destination. Strikingly rich with varied landscapes, this archipelag...
Fenua Aihere close to Teahupo’o village. ©Benthouard

Tahiti island

Discovery Tahiti island   In the heart of the society islands, Tahiti is the biggest and most populated of French Polynesia’s 118 islands and has ov...