Tikahiri, a New Sound and a New Breath

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Created in 2003, the group Tikahiri has become one of the most dynamic and most original musical bands in Polynesian music.


At the origin, two brothers, Aroma and Mano Salmon, songwriters and performers from the atoll of Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelago, one of the five groups of islands in French Polynesia. By the way, the group’s name means, “blood” in paumotu language, the language of their native islands. Then, after a while, Aroma and Mano were joined by two talented musicians in the person of Simon Pillard, violinist, and Frederic Rossoni, drummer.

Since then, the band has imposed itself on the Polynesian scene, especially with its second album, Merahi kerekere. Released in 2009, it was greeted with enthusiasm by the public who fell under the spell of a style described by the artists themselves, as “Acoustic Underground” or “Gothic Paumotu”. English and Paumotu are, moreover, the two languages ​​of choice for the brothers who have just released their third album, Kaito No Tetamanu, already available in stores.


Sonorities and music even more sophisticated, more rock style, but with still some beautiful ballads, this new 13-track album, will be met, we are sure, with an even greater success that will contribute to boost even more the reputation of the Salmon Brothers. They are also professional tattoo artists and have their own studio in Papeete, where they are also recognized for this work. With more than one card up their sleeves, these Polynesians and this group contribute to the spread of a new and bold Polynesian sound. They are now the ambassadors of our airline.