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Ben Thouard in action

Benjamin Thouard

Benjamin Thouard Images to Help the Sea At 22 years old, Benjamin Thouard, passionate about the sea and photography, decided to set down his cameras in Ta...
Philippe Bacchet in clouds

Philippe Bacchet

Philippe BacchetMake what the others do not make is her creed.Philippe Bacchet is born in Antibes in 1960. Of a family environment very directed to the discover...
Danee Hazama

Danee Hazama

Danee HazamaA resident of Tahiti for many years, Hazama is an internationally renowned photographer who is passionate about French Polynesia, Austronesian cultu...
Gregory Boissy style

Gregory Boissy

Gregory Boissy"You should have no regret for the past, no remorse for the present, and an unwavering confidence for the future" - Jean JaurèsGregory Boissy is a...
Tim McKenna

Tim McKenna

Tim McKennaCapturing  the grace and the power of nature is his main goal butLeading figure in action sport photography, Tim McKenna has become recognised as one...
Michel Charleux

Michel Charleux

Michel CharleuxA Quest for RocksMichel Charleux, an avid archeologist, has spent almost 20 years in French Polynesia since his first visit in 1977. Loyal to his...