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© S.Girardot

Te Ma’o, the Shark: Lord of our Islands

Fascinating due to its wild beauty and feared for its reputation as a predator, the shark leaves no one unscathed. As a symbol of French Polynesia, this creature occupies a privileged space in the culture and coral ecosystems as well as plays a maj...

Teahupo’o : story of a legend

Located at the end of the road on Tahiti Iti’s peninsula, the tiny vicinity of Teahupo’o has become famous ever since the world’s best surfers have gathered there during the month of August to test themselves against a Homeric wave. Let’s revisit t...
© D.Pardon

Tahitian Blossoms

Our islands are in a state of permanent enchantment with floral masterpieces on display all year long. We invite you to discover the secrets of these blossoms...